​Pep Guardiola Has Warned Players Over Title-Complacency

Pep Guardiola does not want his players to get complacent.

Manchester City have completed a record number of consecutive wins to turn their season around completely.

With 15 wins in a row, they sit top of the Premier League table and are through to the FA Cup fifth round after going past Swansea City.

“Two or three months ago we were out of everything: we didn’t have any chance to be champions, to qualify for the Champions League yet now we are ready,” he told reporters.

“We are ready, so maybe we shouldn’t play any more games in the Premier League because we are already champions. I don’t understand why we have to play against Tottenham and after against Everton? I don’t understand it because we are already champions.

“Things change a lot. I understand why people are talking about it because now we are champions because we win games and when we were not winning games we were not champions, but the best way to avoid these not normal discussions is to think about the next one, try to beat them to continue our winning run knowing that we can lose tomorrow, and the day after we can lose, and the day after we can lose.

“Nothing is eternal, nothing is perfect. Just because we won in the past it doesn’t mean we are going to win in the future. We have to focus on the next game. Always in my career with my teams we have thought in this way and talked in this way and this is not an exception. It will be tough tomorrow and then incredibly tough against Tottenham. I know it right now so we prepare the best way for the team to make another victory.”

He added: “This is a simple example of what I’ve seen. Liverpool remains one of the best teams I’ve seen in my life and were able to make an incredible run of 68 games at home unbeaten – destroying, winning by big margins, winning in the last minutes – for three seasons without one defeat. Then immediately, you don’t know why, three defeats in a row.

“Do you think it cannot happen with us? Of course, it can happen. It can happen in one week and you can lose three or four games immediately after an unbeaten run. If that happens, we are thinking about something that is not going to happen or has been written because all the good words are just because we are winning games – we are the same team that we were.”

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