After City faced over 100 financial charges, Guardiola accused rival Premier League teams of being envious

Pep Guardiola has reiterated that no one can take Manchester City’s championship titles away, saying the Premier League’s case against the team is based on other teams’ resentment

On Monday, City were charged with more than 100 financial violations; as a result, they may lose their titles as a result of the penalties. Guardiola, however, is sure that no one can erase their accomplishments or memories. Four of City’s Premier League titles were won under Guardiola. The allegations concern incidents that occurred between 2009 and 2018.

Guardiola acknowledges that some people may feel their championships are tarnished, but he has sworn to uphold the club’s honour and stated he is more committed than ever to stay.

Guardiola has been loud in his defence of others at the club despite not being personally charged. He stated: “When I say I am happy of my owners, pleased of my chairman for this period we’ve had together, I rely a lot on the past, now you cannot understand. I’ll be here if they want me to be.

Guardiola is still irate that nine other teams wrote to Uefa to ask them to kick his team out of the Champions League after City was charged by the organisation in 2020.

And he feels that envy is once more at the root of a problem, stating: “That is part of the sport. A winning team is one that you desire to defeat. That’s lovely. It occurs. But I will never forget what these nine teams did. For the significant sum of money needed to pay for the stadiums they erected, they desire a spot in the Champions League.

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