Bernardo Silva denies all plans to leave Manchester City

Bernardo Silva also responded to questions over his future at Etihad.

Manchester City player Bernardo Silva is in no mood to leave his club. The Portugal international has sounded off on his frustration over not having yet won the Champions League and says Pep’s City is required to win the competition.

Bernardo Silva is personally having one of the best seasons of his life while his club has also taken a good lead over 2nd placed Liverpool in Premier League 2021-22. Man City will face Sporting in the Champions League round-of-16 in February.

Bernardo Silva  expressed his view to O Jogo mentioning the Champions League, “Obviously the Champions is one of the big goals because it’s the competition this club have never won and we need to win.”

“It’s been a frustration for us not to get there. Last year we went to the final, but we couldn’t win it.

“I still believe that the most important competition, the base competition, is the Premier League. It’s like a great Portuguese club, whose first objective is to win the league.

“Afterwards, the cups are important, with the Champions being the most important event. But these are already special competitions, where you have to be lucky, where a small detail throws you out of the competition.

“I mean a sending-off, a poorly signalled penalty, a ball that doesn’t go in, hits the post and goes in or out. And such a move can decide the continuity of a team in the competition.

“But I say again, the base competition is the Premier League, where the strongest wins. Champions, being the most prestigious competition, we have to look to win it and we know that this club needs it.”

Bernardo Silva also responded to questions over his future at Etihad. He said, “It depends. Right now I think it’s the best championship in the world, I think it’s the country where the level is highest.

“There was a Spanish dominance a few years ago, which lasted a long time. I think that at the moment the English teams are the strongest in the world and therefore it is always good to be where the best football is played.

“Then there are personal decisions that also count, such as being closer to the family, etc. But I confess that one of my dreams was to be part of the best championship in the world.”

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