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Best Manchester City defenders ever (best left, centre & right backs)

Best Manchester City defenders ever

Best Manchester City defenders ever

Best Manchester City defenders ever? Which Manchester City players have been the best defenders ever? Vincent Kompany is considered by most as the best Manchester City defender ever. But who else from Manchester City makes the list? Hopefully, this list installs some nostalgia in Manchester City fans looking back at some of the best Manchester City defenders. Here we will look at the best Manchester City defenders ever!

Best Manchester City defenders ever

Let us check out the stars of Manchester City!

Best Manchester City left-back

Greatest Manchester City left-back ever? Who are the best Manchester City left-backs ever? Here we will look at the best Manchester City left-backs ever!

This is a position with a lot of competition! There were great defenders who have played for City.

They have defenders from the 1950s and 1960s when City were a big force domestically. There is also the late 90s when they had a decent run. However, their great team walked in to the team in the recent past.

The money infused from the takeover by the middle-eastern owners saw City become a world force and truly buy the greatest players on the planet.

On the left, they have had the likes of Gael Clichy and Aleksander Kolarov. Currently they have Benjamin Mendy.

Despite Mendy being one of the highest paid defenders, he has not really hit the ground running at City. This could be due to multiple injuries he has had.

So –

Who is the best Manchester City left-back ever?

The answer will be close fight between Gael Clichy and Aleksander Kolarov but the winner will have to be Kolarov.

He was the starting choice left back for 4 City managers and won 2 PL titles, 1 FA Cup and 1 Carling Cup with the team. Kolarov had a killer left foot. He was brilliant going forward as he delivered pin point crosses.

Kolarov knew how to position himself smartly in the box as the ball arrived at the far post. He was also a big threat from the set-pieces and is probably one of the best free kick takers for City ever.

Kolarov has had a phenomenal success rate from his set-pieces. He also did his job and more defensively helping City develop a high press. Kolarov was eventually sold off to AS Roma after the arrival of Pep Guardiola.

The reason behind this was the fact that Pep Guardiola did not rate Kolarov properly and wanted a faster left back. He used Mendy who despite being fast does not have the football acumen of Kolarov.

This has seen Pep suffer a lot of problems down his left hand side while Kolarov has continued to succeed as a left back at AS Roma.

Best Manchester City right-back

Once again, the best of the generation provides the best ever. Manchester City have had some brilliant right backs in the past decade. There have been the likes of Barcary Sagna who was known for his smart football as a right back.

However, the ultimate fight will see Sagna fall behind. The new boys like Danilo, who left for Juventus and Cancelo are good but not yet the best City has ever seen.


Who is the Best Manchester City right-back

As we said, the fight had to come down between two legends – one retired from football and one still playing for Manchester City.

Kyle Walker is the man in question here and his competition will have to be City legend Pablo Zabaleta.

Although modern football dictates we choose Kyle Walker, we will prefer to wait and see how Walker reacts as he approaches the flag end of his career to the challenges posed to him by the ever changing Premier League.

The reason behind this is because Pablo Zabaleta was a defensive rock. There was no getting past him one v one in the pacey Premier League but he made it big at City and as a captain not just because of his defensive skills but his ability to adapt to modern attacking football at a big club.

It took him some time but the veteran did master how to not only defend but attack and pass and rotate possession via progression and of course score some killer volleys!

He is by far the best right back not only at City but is also within a shout to be the best right back in the last 15 years in the Premier League.

Best Manchester City center-back

Pep Guardiola has spent north of 500 million at Manchester City. The Spaniard has found it tough to find a manageable backline.

This is a common case with City as managers like Pellegrini and Mancini also found it tough to get the best out of their centre backs.

There have been some brilliant signings like Laporte, Otamendi, Lescott, possibly Dias now but who wins the prize for the best?


Who is the Best Manchester City center-back

With all the hooplah about City being just about money and needing to buy players, their biggest club legend and best center back ever is Vincent Kompany – a lad of their own who came through the ranks!

He bled blue, converted himself from a defensive midfielder to a center back, learned 5 new style of play under different managers and managed to marshall the team full of superstars to multiple silverware throughout the better part of a decade – that is legend – regardless of his position.

He signed off in style with a screamer against Leicester City to win his team yet another Premier League title!

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