Carragher Picks The Best Squad From Man City, Liverpool And Chelsea

Jamie Carragher has put forth what he thinks is the best squad out of Man City, Chelsea, and Liverpool.

And though he admits that Man City and Liverpool have excellent squads, Chelsea is the one he picked to have the most dangerous squad.

‘In these early stages of the season, it looks like they’ve recruited really well,’ Carragher told Sky Sports on Monday night.

‘You can make an argument that it’s as strong a squad as anyone in the Premier League.

‘You could maybe argue, or I think it’s a fact, that Liverpool and Man City have a strong XI, but in terms of back-up players right now and other teams getting injuries – certainly Liverpool – that strength of squad is absolutely fantastic and it doesn’t feel like the team would be weakened too much no matter who was playing.’

‘I thought tactically, Arsenal were a shambles, so poor,’ he said. ‘What I couldn’t believe and what was so frustrating watching it was that this has happened so often in Mourinho’s managerial career. Even if you had only watched Tottenham this season, you would know what they were going to try to do.

‘It’s almost like this Arsenal team and Mikel Arteta had been transported into this game from the moon and they didn’t know who Mourinho was and had never seen Tottenham play.

‘I was flabbergasted. What I watched and some of the things I heard after the game, I thought they were so poor.’

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