De Bruyne Believes Man City Attack Must Be Improved

Man City midfielder Kevin de Bruyne strongly feels that the Cityzen’s attack game needs to be made better.

The Spurs won over the Cityzens by 2-0, making City lose for the second time in this campaign.

“I think we played well but missed that cutting edge,” said De Bruyne.

“We kept to Tottenham to three or four chances – that’s quite good – but if you’re not sharp enough in front of goal, it’s tough.

“It’s been up and down for us with the players coming in and going out.

“It’s hard for players coming back from injury to be sharp straight away.

“We’re doing quite well in the first two thirds, but not as good in the last third but that will come.

“It’s been difficult finding consistency. We need to be a bit sharper, but as I say, hopefully that will come soon.”

Moreover, De Bruyne was also furious with referee Mike Dean after Aymeric Laporte’s first-half equaliser was denied.

“I don’t know the rules anymore, honestly,” he said.

“I thought if it was above the arm (top of sleeve) – it wasn’t handball. Everyone knows it hit him there, but honestly I don’t know the rules.

“But it will be analysed and referees will say it was a good decision.

“I’ve been playing professional football for 12 years and in the first nine years there were no rule changes and now there a lots.

“I don’t know why – football is a nice game.

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