Dias talks about positives from City draw

A draw is generally seen as a bad result for Manchester City.

However, new boy Ruben Dias believes there are positives to take from the match and his team can build on it.

“Obviously, in this club and where I come from, winning is the only option. We know that a point is always a point, and it’s not the worst scenario,” said Dias. “Sometimes it happens. Along the run, it happens.

“We just want to win and you have to have the stomach to know that when it doesn’t happen, you’ve just got to keep going. Obviously, we were so frustrated, especially after the home game, but it will be a decision of where we want to be at the end, and these one points at the end might be important.

“At the end of it all, we are always going for the three [points] and the ability,after a one or a zero, to go after three again and again. I think that’s the spirit that can make you a champion.”

City are currently 8th in the table with a game in hand and can climb much higher in the table soon. However, they will need to start churning out those wins from the ‘positive draws’.

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