Ederson reveals the reason behind City's success

Ederson explains the key to Man City’s success.

The Man City goalkeeper has established himself as one of the best keepers in the Premier League and has won the Golden Glove for three seasons in a row.

The 29-year-old explains his development as a player and the reason behind his and the club’s success.

Ederson said: “Time flies. I grew a lot in my time at Manchester City, not only as a player, but as a person too. I feel more mature now. Every day is a learning experience. Every day I try to learn something new and develop.

“The recipe is to work hard, help my teammates and help the team. I honestly feel very happy. I feel very fulfilled here in this club that experienced huge growth in the last few years. You can tell from the number of trophies we have won.

“But we are always searching for more, always trying to improve ourselves and working hard every day. The Premier League is a fascinating championship.

“You need to give your 100 per cent in every game, there aren’t easy games regardless of the team you are facing. It’s important that the team manage to have several wins in a row, knowing how difficult it is with so many great teams and playing every three days.”


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