Erling haaland wants to be the best under Pep Guardiola

Erling Haaland has arrived at Manchester City to learn.

The 22-year-old striker joined City in the summer and has scored a brace on his debut in the Premier League.

Pe Guardiola has been the motivation behind Haaland’s arrival at the Etihad.

“I don’t know what will happen, but it must always be about learning, about developing,” Haaland said. “You can never stop looking for new ways to become better.

Look at Karim Benzema at Real Madrid. He’s 34 now, and suddenly he’s developed into an even better player over the last couple of years – that’s insanely good. I want to always do that.”

He further explained that he doesn’t see himself more than a centre-forward in his career.

“I was watching the Premier League a lot before I arrived here, and I think over the past few years the big No.9 has become more and more rare, but that’s why it’s even better to be one now!

“It’s the final position and I always wanted to be a striker because of that. I love my position.”


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