Gabriel Jesus Returns With 'Brilliant Goal' In Olympiacos Clash

Gabriel Jesus returned back to the pitch after recovering from his six-week hamstring injury.

He had picked up a hamstring injury during the 3-1 win over Wolves in back September, but managed to recover in time for the 3-0 Olympiacos clash.

And Pep Guardiola was very pleased with his comeback after Jesus scored a ‘brilliant’ goal in the 81st minute.

“It is important, of course the fact that Gabriel is back,” said Pep.

“He is so important for us. He scored a brilliant goal, and I’m so happy that Gabriel is back.”

“He played really well again and he scored a brilliant goal,” said Pep.

“He moves really well with the ball and without the ball. He’s growing, but he’s already scored a lot of goals. We’re happy for his performance.

“Overall in the first half, we played really good in all aspects; the way we pressed, the way we played, but unfortunately the finishing, the last pass, the last shot wasn’t perfect.

“But in general, the first half and the last 15 minutes was really good.

“The way we played the chances we created we had to score more.

“We created chances and then at the end when Gabriel scored, the game was over.”

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