Gael Clichy explains why many Arsenal players leave for Man City

Many players join Manchester City due to a difference in mentality.

This is according to former Man City and Arsenal player Gael Clichy who believes many players switched from Arsenal to Man City for the prospect of winning trophies.

Kolo Toure, Emmanuel Adebayor, Bacary Sagna and Samir Nasri and Clichy himself had decided to move to the Etihad.

The 36-year-old said: “From the first moment, you realise from the coach, from the players, from the people in the office to the fans, the expectations are so high.

“It’s so demanding that you cannot stop. You hear often managers saying that the year after winning the title or winning a cup, it is a difficult season.

“The players are in that mood where you feel that you’ve done something great and it takes you time to get going again into the new season.

“Pep does not allow this; he is ruthless and you can see from how many times he is changing his team if a player is not giving him what he wants, he is not afraid of putting him aside.

“Obviously it is easier when you have two players worth £50million on each position, you can do this.

“That’s why all the players in my time left Arsenal, because we felt that City was going in a different direction.

“When you play you want results, you want to win. So you go to the place where you can have silverware.”


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