Gary Neville shows sympathy towards Manchester City

Gary Neville feels sorry for Manchester City and its players.

Manchester City has been charged with alleged offences relating to a period between 2009 and 2018 with potential punishments if proven guilty.

The punishments can range from fines to relegation from the Premier League.

The club is accused of over 100 breaches of Financial Fair Play rules.

There would be a long legal battle before a verdict is reached and could potentially lead to Pep Guardiola’s departure.

Neville said on his programme The Overlap: “There’s been massive respect towards Manchester City over the last seven or eight years, in terms of what we’ve seen on the pitch.

“They are determined that they’ve not done anything wrong, and I feel as if they don’t like the idea of the established elite not liking what they are doing.

“Clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal – the historic, traditional big clubs, don’t like this idea of the newcomer coming on the block and doing what they’re doing.”


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