Guardiola Caught In Selection Issue Between Aguero And De Bruyne

Guardiola is torn between choosing Aguero and De Bruyne in a selection problem.

Sergio Aguero suffered a hamstring injury in October and is back in action for the first time since then. However, Guardiola was still unsure of casting him in the starting eleven since he was worried the Argentinian might come down with additional injuries just after recovery. However, Guardiola decided to start him in the Newcastle 2-0 win on Saturday and to his delight, Aguero performed brilliantly.

Fortunately, fans will yet again see Sergio Aguero in the Everton clash on Monday.

“We discussed with [assistant coaches] Juanma [Lillo] and Rodolfo [Borrell] whether to start with Sergio,” Guardiola said. “I need him.

“Today was very good news in general in that in the 20 minutes Sergio played, we saw him sharp and dynamic. This is incredible news for us.

“We need him, absolutely. We have to be careful. We cannot do what we did in the past, when he comes back and then gets injured. I still want to handle the minutes but I saw him well. I love this guy.”

As for Kevin de Bruyne, Guardiola has stressed the importance of having the midfielder on the team.

“He’s outstanding, he is so important for us,” the City boss added. “Sometimes, like Arsenal, he didn’t travel. I prefer to have him fit especially in the Premier League. The other competitions are important but we don’t want to be too far away from the top of the league.

“We have a game in hand, against a tough opponent Aston Villa, but in the way we are going to play, we are going to be close to the top. Then we fight to be there in the last eight or 10 games.”

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