Guardiola Cautious About City Losing Points

Pep Guardiola is pleased that his side is in the fifth position on the table.

But at the same time, he’s still rather cautious about things going wrong for City at any point of time.

“[It was ] a tough game, [with the weather conditions and [an] opponent who we have struggled to score against,” the Spaniard told his post-match press conference.

“That is the tempo we need to play. Today our positional game was perfect, unfortunately we could not score more goals but it is a good result and three more points.

“We cannot think much, the schedule is a game every three days. The players are committed and focused.

“We are far away from the top, last week we were 10th in the table, all the season is up and down. There are weird results for everyone, this season you have to be calm in the good and the bad moments.

“We played really well, the tempo we have to play football is this tempo.  Today was the best game of the season for players being in the position they have to be in.”

“Tomorrow the players have to regenerate and prepare in one day,” he added. “This pandemic puts us in an extreme situation, but that’s how England [and the FA] likes it so we accept it.”

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