Guardiola credits Lillo for Man City success this season

Pep Guardiola turned to his old friend Lillo after Arteta left last season.

And now he has credited his number 2 for City’s success this season.

“It was a dream for us to work together one day and now the dream has come true,” said Guardiola. “His knowledge of the game is overwhelming. He sees things that few people in the world, me included, are able to.

“He has helped me to be more calm. I am a guy who sometimes expresses my feeling too much but he makes me read situations better.

“He helps me a lot and I would say with Rod (coach, Rodolfo Borrell) as well, we make a good group. They help me see what happens in training or even games, help me with things I am unable to watch.

“That is why there are here. I said it before with Mikel and Tito Vilanova (Guardiola’s former No2 at Barelona). I need their advice and support to understand and control my emotions.

“This is a different year. You have to be more patient and Juanma helps me a lot to be patient. He has told me many times “it will change, everyone is going to lose games.”

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