Guardiola hails Haaland attitude after hat-trick performance

Haaland was magical yesterday with a second-half hattrick against the Eagles.

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola was happy with Erling Haaland after his hat-trick in the victory over Crystal Palace.

City won 4-2 with Haaland dominating the scoresheet. Crystal Palace were leading the game with two goals after the first half but City scripted another solid comeback to earn three points.

“Erling has done [what he has done] since he was born,” said Guardiola.

“He has done what he has done all his life, in Salzburg and everywhere he has been he has scored goals.

“Against these type of teams, we struggle because they defend so deep, but he has an incredible sense of goal.

“The three (he scored), especially the last one, but the first one as well, were all good goals.

“The numbers for this guy are beyond. The most important thing is that he has settled perfectly, and he is an incredibly humble guy.

“He is a lovely person. He chats more with the guys from the Academy and that means a lot.

“Hopefully, he can be happy the time we are together.”

Guardiola says he was also impressed by the Norway star’s response to being two goals behind and that he is fast becoming an integral member of the squad.

“I saw his [Haaland’s] body language at 2-0 down and how he encouraged his team-mates,” said Pep.

“That first (goal). I have a feeling that if he is not involved in the game, he is always there. He never runs away from the game.

“As a striker he is incredible. He cannot touch the ball, but he is always involved. The quality for the first goal, the cross is good, and the second, he is there.

“John Stones should run but he is there. Tell me why the striker is there?

“The third, after West Ham we said put the ball between the defenders and he scored.

“He does not shoot the ball, he places it in the net. I would say the number of goals he has scored is astonishing.”

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