Guardiola Hails 'Incredible' Phil Foden

Pep Guardiola has hailed Phil Foden while saying that the midfielder needs to take it slower.

He believes that the Man City midfielder has the potential to reach higher levels. As of now, Foden has scored five goals in 17 appearances this season.

The Spaniard said: “They [younger players] have incredible energy, but in the final decision, final pass, they have to slow down. The energy for a guy of that age, he wants to win the world, beat the world and be important.

“It’s normal, but you need experience to be more calm. He plays football in the same rhythm, football must be need played in different rhythms: sometimes you have to walk, sometimes you have no rhythm, sometimes you have to change the rhythm.

“He has to understand this, but it is experience, it’s not saying you have to do it [now], it’s time. He has incredible skills and many other things and we will be incredibly patient, it’s not easy for a young player to rise as he has in a club like this, playing important games and with the national team.

“There will be a moment when he slows down, it’s a normal process for all young players. You just have to stick with them and be patient.

“Every time with patience and a desire to be a better player you will get it, there’s no doubt. I know we can trust and rely on him all the time.”

Asked how many Foden is capable of scoring, he said: “A lot. The signs are good. In front of the keeper he has this composure. He has something that the other ones don’t have.

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