Guardiola Reveals Team Missed Aguero During United Clash

Man City head coach Pep Guardiola has revealed that the squad is missing their best striker, Sergio Aguero.

Aguero came down with a wave of sickness, causing him to be out of the Manchester United derby clash.

“We miss Sergio but for the last six months, not just today, he was injured a lot of times,” Guardiola said after the 0-0 draw. “One step at a time, he still isn’t fit.

“Other players are working hard. Today he had a problem in his stomach and couldn’t make a session. He was at home.

“Of course, we miss Sergio, he is the best striker in Manchester City’s history.

“In the next short time, we will go without him and I am sure when he is fit, he will be back.”

“It’s a good point,” the City boss said. “I would like to win but okay, it’s Old Trafford we cannot forget. They are so fast up front. It’s Manchester United.

“Most parts of the game, we were good. We lacked chances to score but we were good.

“I am so proud. This team will kill you. They are so fast, so good, so strong at set-pieces.

“Coming here to Old Trafford, this is quite good. I know the expectation for Manchester City is so high and we accept this but being solid is good.”

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