Jack Grealish hits at criticism over his affluent lifestyle

Jack Grealish responds to critics of his champagne lifestyle.

The £100million playmaker has returned to duty at the Etihad with a physique that appears to be carved from marble.

Last summer he became the most expensive player in Britain and did not shy away from celebrating Man City’s Premier League triumph before the pre-season.

In their last game against Club America, Grealish was booed by well over 60,000 fans.

“You’ve got to smile, haven’t you?,” said the £100million midfielder. “What else can you do?

“Someone just said to me, ‘why do you like it? I said ‘I don’t know’. To be honest, I feel like I got more of it when I was at Aston Villa. But it gets me going and stuff – so I don’t mind it at all.

“I get it at a lot of places now. I feel like I’ve just got to embrace it and prove them wrong. I feel like I could have tonight (against Club America). I should have scored the one with my left foot in the second half. But I’ll try and save one for Saturday.”


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