Jamie Carragher backs Dias as Premier League's best defender

Ruben Dias has been best player in the Premier League this season.

Dias’ impact since his arrival to the Etihad has been instrumental for the squad.

He has transformed City’s defence by bringing organisation and leadership to the backline and undoubtedly has been one of the best players of the season.

Despite Van Dijk being the Premier League’s best defender in the past few years, Jamie Carragher backs Dias as the best defender ‘by a long way’ in this campaign.

‘I love him,’ Carragher told CBS Sports, via the Daily Star. ‘I think he’s been the best player in the Premier League this season, I really do believe that.

‘I think he’s had a huge effect on Manchester City. Even when he speaks and you watch him play you can’t believe he’s 23.

‘John Stones next to him is 27-28 and you feel like it’s the other way around with John Stones and that’s no disrespect to John Stones.’

Carragher added: ‘What I would say is that Van Dijk has been blessed with physical attributes that Dias hasn’t so in some ways I’m more impressed with Dias.

‘When you watch Van Dijk, it’s like watching a Rolls-Royce, you just think the way he moves. Most players don’t have that and Dias probably hasn’t got that so probably has to concentrate more and be side on constantly.

‘We have seen Van Dijk over the last couple of years win the Champions League. I think the new breed is coming and this guy [Dias] is a massive part of it.

‘The biggest thing for a centre-back, in terms of body position, I think he’s the best by a long way in the Premier League.’


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