Joao Cancelo has confirmed his chances of returning to Manchester City

After his loan stint at Bayern Munich, Joao Cancelo said he “might even return” to the City team, but he also said “everything in life has an end”

Cancelo’s first few seasons at the Etihad were the best time he could have asked for at a team. In fact, after City placed second in the league in his first season, the following two seasons he was a part of a team that won back-to-back titles.

In the first of those successful seasons, the Portuguese’s position in the team was expanding. In the first of his 28 league appearances, he notched two goals and four assists. He played a significant role in the team’s success the following season, missing just two league games while contributing eight assists and one goal.

A change in system signalled the end of his immediate future at City, even though this season didn’t see much of a change in his crucial position (he missed just three league games). Pep Guardiola “liked what he saw” from other team players while “playing with a full-back more inside,” as Cancelo confirmed.

Additionally, he acknowledged that he felt the manager should have allowed him to participate in the games he missed while he was absent. As a result, he moved to Bayern Munich on loan in January. Bayern will have the chance to spend about £61 million to make that change irreversible in the summer. Given his performance thus far at the club, where he has played five games, Cancelo has assisted in two of those games and has won all but one.

Despite having a prosperous time away from City, he keeps a watch on their results because of his positive relationships with many of the players. Cancelo also made a suggestion that he might rejoin the team, despite also appearing to acknowledge that his time at City may be drawing to an end. It wouldn’t be shocking if City were okay with him forever departing after his abrupt departure in January.

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