John Stones labels Foden as 'frightening' after World Cup display

John Stones claims Foden is the best player he’s seen at his age.

Phil Foden started the final group game against Wales as he missed out on the first two games in the World Cup.

John Stones, his club and country teammate, believes Foden is an asset to the English team.

Foden is battling for his place against Senegal at the World Cup.

“I had never seen anyone like Phil, anyone at that age, with his ability, his football knowledge, his freedom in how he plays and how he expresses himself and the ability that he’s got is frightening,” Stones said.

“I’m a huge fan of Phil. Lucky to get to play with him pretty much every day and I look forward to what he can do and love playing with him.

“I’m extremely lucky, City are extremely lucky, England as well that we’ve got someone like that and I want to help through whatever it might be and make sure he gets what he needs on and off the pitch that allows him to go and play like he did the other night.”

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