Jose Mourinho names Kyle Walker as England's best player in Euros

Kyle Walker should have been picked Euro Player of the Tournament.

Jose Mourinho believes Walker’s performance for England in the Euros has been phenomenal.

He praised the 31-year old defender’s defensive work but that was not enough for England to beat Italy and win Euro 2020.

Gianluigi Donnarumma was named the player of the tournament because of his heroic saves in the penalties.

But keeping his heroics aside, Walker was the player who impressed Mourinho the most.

“My player of the tournament was Kyle Walker,” Mourinho said.

“I think Kyle Walker was phenomenal. From the first minute of the competition until the moment he came off in the final he was phenomenal.

“He was giving cover to centre-backs on the opposite side. I don’t remember him losing one single duel. He didn’t go forward as much as he does in the club because of a strategy point of view.

“When I call a player an animal it is the best compliment I can do to a player. Kyle Walker – an absolute animal. For me, phenomenal. From the first to the last minute he was in that element.”


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