KDB - Rock-solid defence has helped us win more matches

Kevin De Bruyne has thanked City’s rock-solid defense for their great form this season.

He reflected: “It’s easier for us (attackers) when we don’t concede.

“I think it’s always important when you’re stable as a defence and as a team, it gives the whole team confidence.”

“It’s really nice for Ederson and the defenders, they’re there to try and stop the goals and I think the guys up front and in the middle try to stay in shape to help them whenever we can.”

“We were patient in the beginning and when we scored the two goals it gave us a little bit of a cover knowing they had to come out a little bit more,” he said.

“I think we controlled the game and we had a few chances also in the second half.

“The second half was a little bit less, but that’s understandable with the games we’ve played and with a 4-0 aggregate.”

“I think we try to make the movements into the box when we arrive up front and that’s different players in different areas,” he revealed.

“Sometimes it’s difficult but even when Gabby (Jesus) or Kun (Aguero) play it’s similar, they’re more named as a striker but do the same jobs.

“If they’re not there we try to maintain a good shape and come into good positions.”

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