Kevin de Bruyne defends unfair Grealish treatment

Kevin de Bruyne has defended Jack Grealish’s unfair treatment.

The former Aston Villa winger completed his move to the Etihad last summer in a deal worth £100 million.

But since his move, he has failed to produce the scintillating form he displayed at Villa Park.

Due to this, the England international was heavily criticised in videos of him enjoying himself during the summer break and a lot of attention was placed on his every move.

But his club teammate Kevin de Bruyne has come to his defence and urged his fans to be patient with the former Aston Villa captain.

He told Daily Mail: “It is not about football. Outside of football, the focus is more on them [English players].

“I understand because they are English and people tend to look more what is happening. I feel like foreign players, for instance if you have a night out, we don’t really get checked that often.”

De Bruyne continued: “Whereas I feel if an English player goes out, it is always in the media somewhere. I think people are taking this on board also.

“What he does in his private life he does, nobody should care, but people do.”


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