Lionel Messi's transfer to City would be 'financial doping'

Lionel Messi won’t join Manchester City this summer.

La Liga president Javier Tebas believes Messi joining Man City will be ‘financial doping’ in football.

The Barca legend is a free agent and is currently in talks for a new deal with the Catalan giants.

Tebas has called out City earlier as he was a big supporter of UEFA’s decision to charge the club for ‘serious breaches’ of Financial Fair Play regulations.

“He won’t be able to sign on the previous conditions, that’s impossible,” Tebas said.

“But I don’t think any European club would be able to pay that amount.

“City have lost €270m [during the pandemic] so obviously they wouldn’t even consider signing Messi [on his previous salary]. PSG have had losses, too, so they can’t even consider signing Messi [for that much].”

He continued: “If they do, it will be financial doping. It would be incredible if it happened. We need to establish limits. Financial doping is damaging football.

“It’s not real money because it’s not generated by the clubs. Money not from football causes bad inflation and ruins football because clubs must put in all this effort [to compete], which takes them above their financial capacity.

“We have to fight against this. This is one of the pending issues in European football. If it’s not solved, the game will find itself in a very complicated situation.”


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