Man City goalkeeper Ederson ruled out for four weeks after sustaining injury

Manchester City eyes potential return to European Super League next season

According to Football Insiders, Manchester City might return to the European Super League (ESL) as early as the 2024-25 season.

The Premier League champions are currently involved in a legal battle with the Premier League, fighting the associated party transaction (ATP) rules, which they consider “unlawful.”

This big dispute, scheduled for a two-week private arbitration hearing on June 10, might have a huge impact on City’s future in English football.

City’s lawsuit comes against a backdrop of anxiety, intensified by the club’s 115 financial wrongdoing allegations, which are set to be heard independently in November.

If City fails to overturn the ATP regulations, insiders believe the club’s relationship with the Premier League will fall apart dramatically.

The impact could be severe enough to compel City to rejoin the breakaway Super League initiative, possibly as early as next season.

According to sources who know the situation, City are asking for considerable damages from the Premier League, underlining the gravity of their claims.

The outcome of this legal dispute is widely expected, with City expecting an agreement before the new Premier League season begins.

Adding to the speculation, Barcelona president Joan Laporta, a strong supporter of the ESL, has hinted that the new league could debut in the 2024-25 season.

This potential shift could mark a seismic change in European football’s landscape, with Manchester City at the center of it.

As the situation unfolds, the football world watches closely. For City fans, the prospect of competing in the ESL offers a mix of excitement and uncertainty, promising a future that could reshape their club’s destiny.

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