Manchester City Shortest Players 2020

Man City shortest players 2021

Who is the shortest Man City player? Man City shortest players? Shortest Manchester City football player in 2021? Here we look at the shortest Manchester City players in 2021. So who are the shortest Manchester City football players?

Oleksandr Zinchenko height? Phil Foden height? Raheem Sterling height? Who are the smallest Manchester City players? Manchester City have a lot of big players in their team but they also have quite a few small players too.
Manchester City Shortest Players 2021

Man City shortest player 2021

Who is the Manchester City shortest player 2021? Everyone has probably noticed that one of the world’s best strikers Gabriel Jesus is small, but did you know that there’s a few other Manchester City players who are shorter? Yeah me neither, and I was surprised, to say the least.

Man City shortest players 2021

It’s quite interesting to compare your height with Manchester City players to see how you’d line up next to them. All figures are taken from So here we look at the Manchester City Shortest Players 2021:

5. Gabriel Jesus is one of Man City Shortest Players – 1.75m

Manchester City shortest players 2021 - Gabriel

Gabriel Jesus has been Manchester City’s best striker recently and has created and scored some fantastic goals. I actually never realised that Jesus was one of Manchester City’s shortest players at 1.75m.

The Brazilian has been shown trust by Manchester City when they turned down a massive offer for the player from Barcelona despite his age.

4. Oleksandr Zinchenko is one the shortest Man City player – 1.75m

Oleksandr Zinchenko

Oleksandr Zinchenko is one of the Manchester City shortest players standing at 1.75m (5 ft 7 in), he is surprisingly strong. You don’t often see him getting bullied by bigger opposition players.

It’s a surprise though that Zinchenko is taller than Foden and Sterling. He has played only two matches this season and acts as a backup for first-choice right-back Kyle Walker.

However, he could be on his way out next season depending on what happens over the summer due to his tender age.

3. Bernardo Silva is one the Man City Shortest Players – 1.73m

Bernardo Silva has scored 8 goals and 10 assists in his 2019/20 season with the Cityzens. He is quickly adapting to becoming one of Guardiola’s favorite players after having a below-par 2019/20 season.

Silva created 71 chances, including assists, in 2018-19 and that number dropped to 51 last season when he played 824 fewer minutes. The playmaker was injured a lot last term and didn’t get to reach the level he was expected to.

2. Phil Foden is one of the Man City Shortest Players -1.7m

Manchester City shortest players 2020 - Foden

I was actually very surprised to learn that Gabriel Jesus is not Manchester City’s shortest player. He looks tiny compared to some players, especially the defenders like Aymeric Laporte and John Stones.

Standing at 1.7m tall (5 ft 5 in) he is smaller than average but this short height allows him to tackle defenders from the blind side without being seen. He also can adjust his body and legs so quickly to allow him to tackle or intercept.

1. Raheem Sterling is the shortest Man City Shortest Players -1.7m

Manchester City shortest players 2021 - Sterling

One of City’s best players in the squad, Raheem Sterling went on to score 10 goals last season in the Premier League. He is a natural winger but can also be deployed as an attacking midfielder or a striker. Despite his small build, he also possesses considerable upper-body strength, which helps him in combating challenges and retaining possession.

He is viewed as the next generation of top leaders at the England National Team, one who can lead the team for years to come under Gareth Southgate.


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