Man City target Jack Grealish loves England pressure

Grealish has had a weird season for the national team so far.

When asked if he feels pressured about not being picked despite playing so well for his club, he said yes but added he loves it.

“I absolutely loved it,” Grealish told Sky Sports.

Asked if Grealish had moved up the pecking order, his manager Southgate told Sky Sports: “Yeah, 100 per cent.

“I sort of explained to him what we wanted to see when we brought him in in September. I think it’s been helpful for him to bed in with the group so that he knows the way we want to play and the players get an understanding with him. And today was a great game for us to see him in and to see the level, and I couldn’t speak highly enough of his performance.

“What I saw that I knew I would see was somebody with the bravery to play. I think he took the ball in tight areas, his techniques were good, he took players out of the game – we knew he would buy a lot of free kicks, which of course he did. I just thought he was outstanding and he should be absolutely delighted with the way he played.”

This does seem unfair but maybe a sense to it would be that Grealish plays for a smaller club and hence maybe Southgate is wary of how much pressure he can handle should he play a big match.

Perhaps a move to a big club will see him get more chances – maybe a certain Manchester City?

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