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Manchester City Dressing Room

Manchester City Dressing Room Pictures

Manchester City Dressing Room Pictures

Want to see some Manchester City dressing room pictures and images? Take a look at some of the best Manchester City dressing room pictures with Manchester City dressing room celebrations and Manchester City players in the dressing rooms. Watch & Bet on Football =>

Manchester City Dressing Room 2020-21

Take a look inside the Manchester City dressing room 2020-21. Man City’s efforts this 2020-21 season have been off to a good start, with the Cityzens sitting in the sixth position as of 7 December 2020, with Pep Guardiola rallying to clinch the league title this year away from last season’s reigning champions – Liverpool.

With Sergio Aguero set to leave next year, Man City is searching for a replacement striker during the summer transfer window next season and bolstering their squad with new signings.

However, one cannot deny that the changing rooms and general facilities at Manchester City are excellent.

Here is a snazzy snapshot of the latest lighting in the Manchester City dressing room!


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 Take a look inside the changing rooms at Etihad Stadium.


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Manchester City dressing room celebrations

Here you can find Manchester City celebrations pictures. These are images, pictures and videos of celebrations in the dressing room after the Cityzens Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League triumphs.

While Manchester City may not have had much to celebrate this season, Manchester City Football Club, on the whole, have had much to celebrate in the past few years.

Here are some pictures of the Manchester City squad celebrating! Watch & Bet on Football =>

John Stones celebrating the Burnley win in October 2020


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Here’s a shot from Man City All Or Nothing documentary, where we can see Pep Guardiola talking to the players in the dressing room!

The dressing room also serves as a place of motivation, inspiration and successful wins. Just recently on December 5th, Man City went head to head with Fulham. They eventually emerged as winners, but it was all thanks to John Stones giving an inspirational talk before the game in the dressing room.

He told BT Sport: “I said before the game to the lads it’s another step forward, another chance for us to put a mark on the season, take it game by game and see where it takes us. We’re focussed on each game, this one today we did and come through with three points.

“Before the game everyone’s words worked and that transpired on pitch. We’ve got to keep this run going and winning mentality for every game we play.”

“It’s always the same, the manager demands a lot from us and expects a lot from us,” he said.

“We’re all fighting for our places on the team, no matter what position. When we get our chance we’ve got to take it. It gives us good healthy competition, the winning spirit, the demands, we know what is expected of us when we’re out on the pitch. If we don’t deliver someone else is always fighting for that spot.

“I think that’s what’s done us well in the last four, five years. Everyone has high standards and tries to keep them there. That’s what the manager wants and demands for us.”

Man City Dressing Room Renovation

Manchester City Dressing Room Pictures

In 2017, Manchester City players were introduced to brand new and upgraded dressing room – which contained all of the state of the art facilities and exuded comfort. It contained a new hospitality facility known as the Tunnel Club.

There were several changes made to the dressing room. The rooms had improved clinical offices, greater showers, and an open round space for the players to talk pre-game. A very cool feature that was added was a hydrotherapy pool – basically a fancy hot tub. Now, who wouldn’t like that? Man City forward Gabriel Jesus was definitely delighted.

Also, Tunnel Club gave fans a remarkable eating experience. The members had access to the best food in the arena and in addition to that, they likewise had the option to watch the games in the passage through glass boards.

Manchester City changing room 2023-24

As you can see, the Manchester City changing rooms are simple but elegant. It isn’t too flashy or modern and they preserve the feeling of history in the stadium and the history of the club. Manchester City players will go in these rooms before the matches and at half-time. They also have debriefings in the rooms after matches too. So it’s essential that each and every player feels good and at home in the changing rooms.

Each player in the first-team squad has a fresh and clean kit above their name in the room. This is to make them feel appreciated and at home. Then they get changed and each player tends to have a pre-match ritual.

The dressing rooms are essential for the club as it makes the players feel relaxed before the games.

Man City Tunnel Club

Man City Tunnel Club

One of the newest and fanciest features added to Etihad Stadium is the Tunnel Club. It’s an exclusive feature for Man City fans, who are members of the Tunnel Club. Members can eat the delicious and best food in Etihad Stadium. Tunnel Club members have access to VIP seating behind the dugouts and can watch the game through glass windows. Before every match, the team walks through the Club restaurant and members can catch a glimpse of the squad! Watch & Bet on Football =>

Manchester City changing room 2023-24

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