Manchester City respond with a statement to claims regarding the financial allegations

In reaction to allegations from the Premier League of more than 100 suspected financial rule violations stretching back to the 2009–10 season, Manchester City has released a statement

City is charged with breaking several rules in each season from 2009–10 to 2017–18 by allegedly neglecting to appropriately report financial data.

Additionally, there are claims of inaccurate manager payment records from 2009 to 2016, before Pep Guardiola joined the team, financial fair play issues from 2013–14 to 2018–19, and failing to act appropriately while under investigation from 2018–19 to the present.

An impartial commission has received the evidence from the Premier League in preparation for a decision. The club’s response to the Premier League’s charges expresses “surprise” at them, denies neglecting to comply with and support the inquiry, and expresses confidence that the evidence does not support any financial misconduct.

Manchester City FC responded by stating that it was astonished by the publication of these purported Premier League Rules violations, especially in light of the extensive engagement and the abundance of detailed materials that the league had access to.

“The Club welcomes the independent Commission’s study of this case in order to objectively take into account the substantial body of unchallengeable material that exists in support of its position. As a result, we anticipate this issue being resolved definitively.”

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