Norway team doctor gives injury update on Man City striker Erling Haaland

When Erling Haaland was on vacation in Spain, he stumbled onto a strange tale that has taken him away from the excitement of Euro 2024. Due to Norway’s elimination from the tournament, the Manchester City striker will not be playing for his country this summer.

The Premier League winners gave Haaland an extended sabbatical, so he flew to his vacation house in Marbella in preparation for his preseason comeback the following month. Before a strange incident on June 16, the 23-year-old has been spotted by admirers in Andalucia and is the subject of a social media controversy. Haaland and other customers were asked to provide identification by officers wearing balaclavas, as a helicopter flew overhead.

Haaland found himself in the middle of a police raid

The beach club in Marbella, which is a popular destination for Norwegians, was raided by local police wearing riot gear, setting off an exciting scene. While several of the officers, were requesting identification from the guests, including Haaland. Similar activities have taken place at other renowned locations, such as Puerto Banus’ Ocean Beach Club.

During the raid, Haaland was required to provide his ID to the police, which was an unforeseen inconvenience on what was supposed to be a restful vacation. His normally relaxing stay was made more dramatic by the raid and the strong police presence. Although the police operation’s specifics remained undisclosed, it was evident that this was just one of several security precautions taken to guarantee the safety of both visitors and residents.

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