Manchester City Third Kit

Manchester City Third Kit 2020/21 Is Here!

Are you looking for the new Manchester City kit? The 2020/21 Manchester City third kit? Manchester City away kit? Manchester City kit? PUMA has dropped the most-awaited Manchester City third kit for the upcoming 2020/21 season and it will make you scratch your head a little bit.

Manchester City Third Kit

Manchester City Third Kit

In launching the Manchester City Football Club third kit, PUMA has thrown the fan base into a serious debate. One fan tweeted out – “This is one of those shirts that people hate at the time but in 10-20 years people will be scrambling to get a hold of.

Another fan tweeted – “Our streak of producing utterly horrific kits continues unabated. What the f**k is this monstrosity?”

Manchester City club website read, “The new Manchester City Third Kit celebrates the rich music and fashion culture of the city by creating a bespoke paisley pattern that features details of the club’s crest.”

“The pattern is synonymous with artists from the ‘Mod’ and the ‘Brit Pop’ eras of the 1990’s and was a staple of youth fashion in the 1960’s, influencing fashion and music culture in Manchester for generations.”

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is Manchester City’s new kit?

A: Manchester City’s new kit is their 2020/21 alternate kit which has a white base with sky blue Paisley floral patterns on the front and sleeves, a tribute to Manchester’s iconic music scene.

2. When can you buy the new Manchester City kit?

A: You can buy all Manchester City kits from registered PUMA outlets near you. All kits for 2020/21 season have been released.

3. Who makes Manchester City’s kit?

A: PUMA are the manufacturers of Manchester City’s kit.




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