Manchester City told to remain cautious by Guardiola

Pep Guardiola has urged his team to remain vigilant amidst a good run.

“Today is good. We are going to celebrate it. Everybody is fit. But everything can change in one day,” said Pep.

“The international break is coming up and we don’t know how people will come back.

“We have Leicester, then the Champions League, then Leeds and then the Champions League… I don’t know what is going to happen.

“That is why we had to forget about the quarter-finals and just win this game. We have to do what we have done the previous seasons.

“On Saturday, if we deserve it we will go through against Everton and if not we will be out.”

“We have a good rhythm right now, but for he managers, in this world today it is about how you manage unpredictability.

“I have a feeling they will come back with just two months left and we will need four games to win the Premier League.

“I want to arrive in the end to win the title and in the other ones, make as few mistakes and win as best as possible.

“We are playing good. We are playing in terms of what we want. The best way to defend is to have the ball and every pass and every movement has sense.

“We are doing well and hopefully that can continue on Saturday. A few weeks ago we were there and we fought and struggled a lot to will and it will be the same because it is a final.

“We will prepare and be ready for that.

“It is important to win, no matter what, no matter when. We are close. We have games to play. Sometimes when you win a title early, it is not good for the knockout competitions because when you have to fight for one it helps you fight for the other ones.

“That is why we just have to focus on the next game. Don’t focus on the quarter finals; this is the best way and after we will see what happens.”

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