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Fabregas States Grievances With Guardiola

Fabregas States Grievances With Guardiola

Former Barcelona and Chelsea player Cesc Fabregas has revealed his disappointments with Man City manager Pep Guardiola.

The former Barcelona player was asked if he has kept any contact with former manager Pep Guardiola.

Fabregas told CCMA: “No, no, with Pep nothing at all.

“I don’t know if the disappointment with Pep is mutual. Things happened, but I prefer not to talk about it. Pep was my idol since I was a child. It is from him that I have learned the most, perhaps, since I was four until now.”

However, one manager Fabregas has kept in contact with is Jose Mourinho.

“Mourinho inspired me the most when I left Barca,” Fabregas added.

“He told me that we had had our issues on the pitch when he was at Chelsea and I was at Arsenal and then when he was coaching at Real Madrid and I was at Barcelona, but that for him, it all ended there. We turned the page.

“He told me about his project. I had to go where I thought I would do best, the decision was mine and it didn’t depend on what people said. I prioritised the professional [aspect], and today I still write to him and I consider him a friend.

“He helped me a lot at a difficult time in my career and perhaps I played one of my best seasons with him.”

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Manchester City legendary players – Best Man City players of all time

Manchester City legendary players - Best Man City players of all time

Manchester City legendary players

Manchester City legendary players!

Manchester City legendary players! Who are the Manchester City legendary players? Do you know the Manchester City legendary players

Find out all the Manchester City legendary players! As we discuss about the Manchester City legendary players, you pick your favorite.

Pablo Zabaleta: Manchester City legendary players

In Manchester City’s right back position, there are two great players – one retired from football and one still playing for Manchester City.

Kyle Walker is the man who is still playing and the other guy is City legend Pablo Zabaleta.

Although modern football dictates we choose Kyle Walker as a great, we will prefer to wait and see how Walker reacts as he approaches the flag end of his career to the challenges posed to him by the ever changing Premier League.

The reason behind this is because Pablo Zabaleta was a defensive rock. There was no getting past him one v one in the pacey Premier League but he made it big at City and as a captain not just because of his defensive skills but his ability to adapt to modern attacking football at a big club.

It took him some time but the veteran did master how to not only defend but attack and pass and rotate possession via progression and of course score some killer volleys!

He is by far the best right back not only at City but is also within a shout to be the best right back in the last 15 years in the Premier League.

Frank Swift: Manchester City legendary players

Frank Swift joined the blues in 1933, with City warding off rivalry from Blackpool. Blackburn, and Bradford City. Swift got his opportunity at Maine Road when best option Len Langford was injured and his substitution, James Nicholls yielded eight to Wolverhampton Wanderers. He supplanted Nicholls and, regardless of yielding four goals on his debut, he kept his first cleansheet sheet the next day.

Swift was essential for the group that played before a 84,569 group at Maine Road when City beat Stoke 1-0 on their approach to winning the FA Cup. He played in the last against Portsmouth, which City won 2-1. He was downbeat at half-time, reprimanding himself for Portsmouth’s goal as he decided not to wear gloves for the match. The keeper blacked out as the last whistle went, as he was so overwhelmed with feeling.

Frank showed up for the blues somewhere in the range of 1933 and 1949, and after football, he proceeded to be a games writer. Unfortunately, Frank Swift was one of the survivors of the Munich air debacle in February 1958, subsequent to writing about United’s European Cup coordinate at Red Star Belgrade.

David Silva: Manchester City legendary players

Mancini spent around £285 million on players during his time accountable for City, however none of it was spent very as admirably as the £24 million he endorsed to sign David Silva. The Spanish playmaker was the heartbeat of the current City side until he left.

Not many players can easily coast around a pitch and direct play very like Silva. Plainly the other City players look to him to make, with his capacity to discover space and string delightful passes to his partners City’s most probable course to an objective.

His best form came during their title winning-effort in 2011/12. A series of phenomenal matches, which saw them hammer sides consistently, will live long in the memory of City fans, and Silva was their star man all through that spell.

The 5-1 success at White Hart Lane, the 6-1 success at Old Trafford: these amazing exhibitions were to a great extent motivated by Silva’s splendor.

His touch, vision, cerebrum and capacity mark him out as a genuine footballing virtuoso. Silva sees things on the pitch that others basically can’t. Like Kinkladze, Berkovic and Benarbia before him, he is a craftsman and an extraordinary player, yet one who additionally drove his side to a group title and FA Cup win.

His place in City’s set of history books is now secure.

Shaun Goater: Manchester City legendary players

As far as pound-for-pound signings are concerned, not many in City’s set of experiences can coordinate the worth Shaun Goater gave. He scored 103 goals in 212 games, a momentous profit for City’s £400,000 venture.

He moved to City with seven rounds of the 1997-98 season left, yet couldn’t spare the club from relegation to the third level. Detested by the fans upon appearance, it wasn’t until the accompanying season, where he scored 21 goals and helped City to get promoted at the first run through of asking, that his faction status started to create.

His 29 goals the accompanying effort saw the club accomplish consecutive promotions and take City to the Premier League. It was a radiant two years and The Goat was a central participant.

Unfortunate injuries hampered him in the first class, as he scored only 11 goals during another transfer year, however an amazing 32 in Division One saw the Blues go straight back up.

Not many City players, assuming any, have accomplished a similar sort of worship Goater oversaw during a tempestuous yet splendid five-year spell.


From the current batch – Sergio Aguero and Kevin De Bruyne – Manchester City legendary players

While we should ideally be choosing one legend from the current group of players – these two footballers have made their own history in the Man City books already!

KDB became the first Manchester City player ever to win the PFA Best Player award. Aguero is the club’s top scorer and the man who gave City their first ever Premier League title!

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Pep Guardiola Planning To Extend Manchester City Stay

Pep Guardiola Planning To Extend Manchester City Stay

Pep Guardiola is planning to extend his stay at the Etihad.

Time is running out on his current deal and Goal.com understands a new contract will only be for 12 months.

Guardiola is already in the fifth season with City which is his longest relationship with any club in management. He spent four years at Barcelona and then three with Bayern Munich.

The Spaniard has stated that he is happy with life at Manchester and would not mind keeping his job for the upcoming seasons.

“I’m incredibly happy here, delighted to be in Manchester and hopefully I can do a good job this season to stay longer,” Guardiola said at the end of October.

City finished 18 points behind last year’s winners, Liverpool and only with a Carabao Cup to show for. Guardiola understands that he has no wish of replicating Alex Ferguson or Arsene Wenger’s feat in England but he would like to take revenge.

He also cleared out doubts over his future and whether it is affecting the team’s performance on the pitch.

“When they are on the pitch they do absolutely everything with one manager or another because they are incredibly professional and they want to do well,” he said. “Nothing changes. Absolutely nothing.”

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La Liga president takes a swipe at Manchester City

La Liga president takes a swipe at Manchester City

La Liga president Javier Tebas seems to have resorted to bitterness to save his job now.

The president has done a poor job of his responsibilities and is now set to lose out even more financially should Lionel Messi decide to leave next summer.

One of the clubs looking at Messi is Manchester City. Tebas, failing to make any real impact on the situation, has now childishly decided to poke at allegations which have no basis.

“We would prefer Messi to stay in La Liga but Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar left and we haven’t noticed any difference,” said Tebas, who went on to criticise City over how they go about their business.

“It seems the only club in Premier League that talks about registering Messi is Manchester City, who compete outside the rules. I am not the only one saying this.

“I am not too worried about them. I have criticised what they do so many times. Doing it one more time makes no difference.

“City is neither affected by COVID or pandemics or anything because they are financed differently and it is impossible to fight against that.”

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Eight Things You Did Not Know About Sergio Aguero

Eight Things You Did Not Know About Sergio Aguero

Eight Things You Did Not Know About Sergio Aguero

Eight Things You Did Not Know About Sergio Aguero? Sergio Aguero facts? Sergio Aguero is definitely one of the best footballers in the world right now, and is Manchester City’s star striker. He also plays for the Argentina national team, and definitely is the product of a country which has produced legends like Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi. He was with Atletico Madrid since 2007, after which he moved to Manchester City. But do you know everything there is know about this Man City star striker? Here are eight things you definitely didn’t know about Sergio Aguero!

Eight Things You Did Not Know About Sergio Aguero: Sergio Aguero Facts

1. He was married to Diego Maradona’s daughter

What happens when a footballing legend’s daughter and a current football legend have a son? He is destined to be great (sorry, kid!). Sergio Aguero was married to Giannina Maradona from 2008 to 2012, during which they had a son together. In fact, Diego Maradona himself introduced the pair to one another. They dated for six months, after which they got engaged in 2007 and their son was born two years later. However, the couple split up when Aguero joined Manchester City – which Giannina didn’t like that he was so far away. Eventually, the couple broke it off and got divorced. But as for their son, who knows, maybe he will grow up to be a footballing legend as well!

2. Sergio Aguero family background wasn’t wealthy

Although now Aguero has a net worth of $80 million, his childhood wasn’t so lavish. He grew up in a not so well to do family. During his birth, his parents were not able to pay the hospital bills, but luckily found another hospital to give birth in. His parents were both teenagers when he was born and they didn’t have much money to go on. His father was a taxi driver, but didn’t earn very well and his mother took care of the family.

3. Aguero was always fascinated by football

Even as a kid, Aguero was always interested in football and played where he grew up – in Buenos Aires. When Aguero was 8 years old, his father took him to Independiente, where he was boarded on to the club Under-11 team. He went on to win the Argentina Under-11 Championship. Guess he has been winning from a very young age!

4. He Became The Youngest Player To Be In The Argentinian Primera Division

He was only 15 when in 2003 he broke into the Argentine First Division. The record was previously held by future father-in-law Diego Maradona, which he beat!

5. Aguero’s tattoos hold special meanings

Sergio Aguero has his son’s name and date of birth tattooed on one arm, which he gives great importance to. Whenever the Man City striker scores a goal for the Cityzens, he kisses the tattoo on his arm! His son is clearly very dear to him.

“My son’s existence gives me strength. He gives me purpose. I think of him every time I score,” he said about his tattoo.

On the other arm is his nickname ‘Kun’ tattooed. An interesting fact here is that although his name is written in Tengwar, which is a script invented by J R R Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings, he has never seen the film! The writing on his arm roughly translates to ‘Kun Aguero’ in English.

6. Aguero once featured in a music video named ‘El Kun Aguero’

This is a pretty well kept secret! Sergio Aguero featured as himself in the music video by 22 year old singer Tini Stoessel in 2019. After the video rolled, rumours sparked up about how the Man City striker and the lead singer of the music video might have an interest in each other – and no wonder why! The music video showed Aguero intimately dancing with the singer. Moreover, now we know that Aguero is as good on the dance floor as he is on the pitch!

7. Sergio Aguero is a Liverpool fan!

Despite being part of a rival club, he has always been a fan of Liverpool football club since his childhood. Liverpool and Manchester City have rivalry dating back for quite some time and it’s rather surprising to know that the top striker for the Cityzens is actually a Reds supporter!

8. Aguero’s father also played football very well

His father was a taxi driver but on the weekends he would play football to make extra money. His father could not pursue football professionally, however, which is probably why his father introduced football to his son.

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Five Things You Did Not Know About Pep Guardiola

Five Things You Did Not Know About Pep Guardiola

Five Things You Did Not Know About Pep Guardiola

Five Things You Did Not Know About Pep Guardiola? Pep Guardiola facts? Do you know everything there is to know about Man City boss Pep Guardiola? We all know Pep Guardiola as the famed manager of elite club Manchester City. He’s one of the best managers in the world currently and for good reason. Ever since he took over Manchester City in 2016, he has transformed the club into one of the most elite modern clubs in football. Want to know more about the Cityzens boss? Read on for five things you did not know about Pep Guardiola!

1. Guardiola has loved football since he was a child


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 This clearly explains why he choose a career in football! Guardiola joined La Masia when at the age of 13, and was there for 6 years in Barcelona’s youth academy. His father recalls him playing with a football for hours on end as a kid, and Guardiola could never seem to leave a football alone. There was always a sure-fire way to make him happy at Christmas, and that was to give him a football as a present. He was always with a ball at his feet. Everywhere he went, he went with a football,” his father said.

2. Guardiola was enjoying in the disco when he was called to join Cryuff’s Barcelona first team

When Guardiola was 19, he got a chance to play for Barcelona’s first team under Johan Cryuff. He reminisces the day he was called on to the first team – the day he was in a disco and had his sights set on dancing with a girl.

“I don’t even think it was 7 o’clock I was relaxing in a disco. Frankly, I was more worried about a brunette than anything else, and therefore I had decided that when the slow songs came on, I would take her for a dance. All of this was going on when I saw a team-mate from La Masia arrive to tell me that a group of Academy players were to travel to Banyoles with the first team. And that I was amongst those selected,” Pep said.

He added: “I never did dance with the brunette, who was certainly beautiful. My mind was already on other things. But I got to know the Barça first-team manager’s philosophy first hand. His assessment of my debut was thus: ‘You played slower than my grandmother.’ No need to say anything else!”

It was definitely a surprise for him!

3. Many Barcelona players didn’t enjoy Pep Guardiola’s time as Barca manager

This might not be very surprising. We all are aware that although this manager is excellent, he is also rather tough on his players – and his demands drove Barcelona players crazy. Gerard Pique, in particular, raised his voice against his coaching methods while at the Catalan club.

“I still revere Pep as a manager. But the truth is, it was an extremely hard time. He wanted his players to be obsessed with football 24 hours a day, and at that point in my life, I didn’t understand it. I wasn’t as committed to that philosophy,” Pique said. The defender continued: “Maybe we would have won the Champions League. Maybe Pep would have decided to stay at Barca. Maybe he never would have regained his trust in me. Maybe I would be at another club right now.”

4. Pep Guardiola Links His Coaching Success With Johan Cryuff


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A post shared by Pep Guardiola (@mrpepguardiola)

Guardiola has a lot to thank Cruyff for, especially his coaching career. He reveals that he went several times to Cryuff for advice when he was Barcelona’s head coach – and attributes his first year success as manager completely to Cryuff.

“He was unique, totally unique. Without him I wouldn’t be here. I know for sure this is why I am, right now, the manager of Manchester City and before that Bayern Munich and Barcelona. I would not be able to do what he did. You hear all these people saying: ‘Oh Pep, what a good manager he is.’ Forget about it. Cruyff was the best, by far. Creating something new is the difficult part. To make it and build it and get everyone to follow? Amazing. That’s why, when I was Barcelona manager, I went to see Johan many times. I made especially sure I went a lot in my first year when we won everything, absolutely everything,” Pep said.

5. Guardiola became Barca manager the year his third child was born

His daughter and third child Valentina Guardiola was born in 2008, the year when he became the manager of the Catalan club.

“Valentina was born on the 6th of May [in 2008], it was also the day we played against Huddersfield to lift the title. The day that Valentina was born, Joan Laporta came with my friend to the hospital and told me, ‘You will be the next manager of Barcelona’.”

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Most aggressive Manchester City players ever

Most aggressive Manchester City players ever

Top Five most aggressive Manchester City players ever

The most aggressive Manchester City players ever? Most intimidating Manchester City players? Fearless Man City players? Tough Man City players? Here we are going to look at the Top five most aggressive Manchester City players ever! Players like Mario Balotelli and Micah Richards should come to mind when you think of aggressive Manchester City players. But which other Manchester City players were tough as nails?

Here we will look at the most aggressive Manchester City players ever. This will be done based on purely their character and their playing style- but we will use stats such as red cards, tackles made, aerial duels etc to support our argument. (stats from Statbunker)
Most aggressive Manchester City players ever

Top 5 Manchester City most aggressive players

So here are the Top Five most aggressive Manchester City players ever

5. Fernandinho (2013-present)


Branislav Ivanovich is one of the loyal Manchester City servants since 2013. Sometimes I think he didn’t get the love and respect he deserved from fans. He is a traditional box-to-box midfielder who is well-known for his pace and ability to shoot from a long distance. At times in certain circumstances, Pep Guardiola even deployed him in the centre-back position.

He is also a fearless player. He is never afraid of 50/50 challenges in the air or on the ground. He just has that aggression about him that not many current Man City players have. The big Brazilian is an intimidating figure in the central midfield position. His career average of 1.25 aerial duels won per-game is testament to that.

Fernandinho has acquired 47 yellow cards and four red cards since 2013. This shows how aggressive he can get!

4. Micah Richards (2005-2015)

Micah Richards

Micah Richards was never afraid of the physical aspect of the Premier League. His natural athleticism, speed, and strength made him a formidable foe for most strikers. Micah just had that aura about him that not many players had. He was a special type of player that Manchester City were lucky to have. Constantly winning games for Manchester City and never afraid of a physical battle, Ricahrds was surely one of the most aggressive Manchester City players ever.

From 2005 to 2015, Richards managed to get 20 yellow cards. The Englishman has also made an average of 2.25 aerial duels won per-game since 2005.

3. Richard Dunne (2000-2009)

Richard Dunne holds the Premier League record of being sent off eight times and also holds the Premier League record of scoring ten own goals.

The Irishman was always winning aerial battles with strikers and would often bully opposition strikers out of the game. Through his physical nature, his defensive intelligence and positioning he was always stopping the opposition from playing their way. He became the first City player to win City’s Player of the Year Award four times.

Additionally, Dunne was never afraid to put his own body on the line to block a hard-driven shot at goal. Richard Dunne was never afraid of anything on the pitch including opposition players.

In fact, since 2000, Dunne’s career average of 2.3 aerial duels won per-game shows he wasn’t afraid of getting his head to the ball no matter what.

Dunne has also accumulated 39 yellow cards and five red cards since the year 2000.

2. Mario Balotelli (2010-2013)


Mario Balotelli has to be one of the most aggressive Manchester City players ever right? Balotelli was one of those players that everybody hated worldwide. Balotelli would haunt opposition defences with his physique and strength. Additionally, Balotelli was never afraid of a fight and would go toe-to-toe with anybody that had the audacity to upset him.

Balotelli was just a constant presence up front for Manchester City that we have missed ever since. His mere presence put defenders off which allowed other players like Sergio Aguero to flourish. Balotelli gave Manchester City space by occupying two or three defenders on his own.

He is often deployed as the main striker, he sometimes even plays as a winger or a second striker due to his versatile nature. Despite his talents, he was majorly criticised by managers, teammates and media for his immature attitude and inconsistency on the pitch.

Balotelli has accrued 14 yellow cards and three red cards in three years as a City player.

1. Vincent Kompany (2008-2019) – Most aggressive Manchester City player

Vincent Kompany

Kompany is considered as one of the best defenders in world football. He was an adaptable defender who primarily wanted to play at centre back but could also fulfil the role of playing as a defensive midfielder depending on his team’s needs.

From 2008 to 2019, Harris played a record 360 times for Manchester City and scored 20 goals. He is on the list of the Manchester City players with the most appearances.

Kompany was known for his rough tackling and had a reputation as one of the most aggressive defenders ever with good technique and distribution. So that’s why Kompany is number one on our most aggressive Manchester City players ever list.

The Belgian defender racked up 59 yellow cards and three red cards in his decade-long career with Manchester City.

Current team players

The introduction of Pep Guardiola has seen Manchester City change their style from a hard-tackling defensive unit to a smooth attacking machine. This has seen Manchester City become an extremely well-disciplined side under Pep. Fernandinho is the highest booked player so far with only 8 yellow cards last season.

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Man City target Jack Grealish loves England pressure

Man City target Jack Grealish loves England pressure

Grealish has had a weird season for the national team so far.

When asked if he feels pressured about not being picked despite playing so well for his club, he said yes but added he loves it.

“I absolutely loved it,” Grealish told Sky Sports.

Asked if Grealish had moved up the pecking order, his manager Southgate told Sky Sports: “Yeah, 100 per cent.

“I sort of explained to him what we wanted to see when we brought him in in September. I think it’s been helpful for him to bed in with the group so that he knows the way we want to play and the players get an understanding with him. And today was a great game for us to see him in and to see the level, and I couldn’t speak highly enough of his performance.

“What I saw that I knew I would see was somebody with the bravery to play. I think he took the ball in tight areas, his techniques were good, he took players out of the game – we knew he would buy a lot of free kicks, which of course he did. I just thought he was outstanding and he should be absolutely delighted with the way he played.”

This does seem unfair but maybe a sense to it would be that Grealish plays for a smaller club and hence maybe Southgate is wary of how much pressure he can handle should he play a big match.

Perhaps a move to a big club will see him get more chances – maybe a certain Manchester City?

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Is Ederson’s position under threat at Manchester City?

Is Ederson's position under threat at Manchester City?

Manchester City goalkeeper is one of the most eccentric keepers in the modern game.

It is not just because of his fancy hairstyle and innovative tattoos, but also his playing style. He is an extremely bold goalkeeper who loves to play with the ball at his feet and more often than not excels as a sweeper to clean out attacks and start play for Pep’s City team.

His position has an understudy in Zack Steffan who is an equally ambitious young keeper. He is content being the second choice now but has his sights firmly set on taking Ederson’s place!

He told ESPN: “This is my team, this is who I signed for. I want to be with them, I want to come in here, learn and get better, push the players and have them push me.

“I want to win trophies and stay here for a while and enjoy the ride. I’m just happy to be here.

“I definitely have that competitive nature, I want to play games. I want to get better and I know I can get better.

“I know I have to get better so I’m here to do those things and push my team-mates and have them push me. Iron sharpens iron.

“I’m happy to be here and I’m looking forward to this year.”

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Grealish Reveals De Bruyne As Source Of Inspiration Ahead Of Belgium Clash

Grealish Reveals De Bruyne As Source Of Inspiration Ahead Of Belgium Clash

Jack Grealish has revealed that he watches clips of Man City star Kevin de Bruyne as inspiration.

England lost to Belgium in the Nations League by 2-0, with Grealish watching videos of his opponent to inspire himself to play better. When asked how it was like playing for England, he said to Sky Sports:

“I absolutely loved it. This is what I have been waiting for, these are the games I have dreamed of. I have grew up all life wanting to play for England.

“We wanted to win tonight though so I am devastated we didn’t get the win. I knew this was my chance to impress. These are the things I love, the pressure of wanting to do well.

“The last 24 hours I have been watching clips of my favourite players. I do that every game. I have been buzzing. I watch clips of Kevin De Bruyne, Philippe Coutinho – loads of players in my positions. I did it as a little kid and still do it today, that’s what gets me going.”

“The most difficult thing is trying to get the chemistry with the team-mates,” he said.

“When you come here you only have 10 days to build that. It just clicks with some players though. The manager has been brilliant with me. There are world class players in my position.”

‘I think I look at the changing room and there’s unbelievable talent and there’s Marcus [Rashford], Raheem [Sterling], Jadon [Sancho], Phil [Foden] all in my position who are all class. Especially the players who aren’t here at the moment. I’ve tried to learn little bits off them. It’s been a dream for me to play with them.’

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