Manchester City Will Find It Difficult To Sign Harry Kane

Manchester City are not expected to have a clear route to signing Harry Kane.

Tottenham Hotspur is sure to demand a lot to hand off one of the Premier League’s best players off to a rival outfit.

Kane turns 28 in July. He looks fed up at North London and would ideally like to win some trophies at this point of his career. City great, Francis Lee pointed out just how difficult it will be to sign the England skipper.

“There’s three or four players who would suit us down to the ground and another three or four others who could slot into the team and probably be a sensation as well,” Lee told Stats Perform.

“It’d be very difficult for Harry Kane to move to Manchester City because it would be big money for … not a short period but maybe two or three years, something like that.”

“There’s a lot of players, there’s quite a few players who would fit the bill,” Lee added.

“Lukaku would fit the bill. But he didn’t fit the bill when he played in the Premier League before. With Pep, a lot of it is attitude. If your attitude is right, and your training is right, and your fitness is right, everything is going on within the Pep plan, you get there.”

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