Neville accuses City of parking the bus versus United

Gary Neville has gotten himself into a bit of a pot, kettle situation.

The United fan and pundit has clearly allowed his judgement to be blinded by his bias for his old side as he went on to claim, that Pep, the most attacking manager of the generation parked the bus against a clueless OGS.

On Sky Sports, Neville said: “There was no intent from either team and either managers.

“If this had been Jose Mourinho we would have called it parking the bus and terrible. That’s the reality and we shouldn’t expect that from these two.

“Both teams played mid week but we put a lot of emphasis on the Premier League and the thrill and the risk to winning in a game and you couldn’t say any of that today. I am surprised at City.

“Looked like a team that is bored.

“They have to go and win the league. City have no option but to win the league. At the end it may build confidence and they go on a run but this isn’t what City or Pep should want.

“They are a shadow of the team that won the league two years ago. They are nowhere near.

“We are already looking back and referring to the team that was a few years ago and how good it was compared to now.

“City could surprise us and win the league but they look like all the juice has been squeezed out of the orange. De Bruyne looks like he is looking around and thinking ‘I had better teammates before’.”

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