Borrell will oversee preparations and planning in person at the County Ground in place of Pep Guardiola.

We all now that our manager Pep Guardiola tested positive for Coronavirus. Rodolfo Borrell says Pep will remain ‘connected’ despite the City boss having to miss Friday’s FA Cup third round tie at Swindon.

21 members of Man City’s first team squad along with coaches and backroom staff are having to self-isolate after a slew of positive tests.

Fellow assistant coach Borrell will oversee preparations and planning in person at the County Ground for the tie against League Two opponents.

Rodolfo Borrell was talking in Thursday’s pre-match press conference, “Obviously, the manager is going to be connected but we’ve already discussed about the tactics and everything that we have to try to be doing during the game,” Borrell revealed.

“During the game it might change but I have been working with him (Pep) for seven years now and we think very alike.

“Again, I’ll take my decisions, but the manager is going to be connected and like any other time it’ll be between all of us.

“This is not about one thing and the guy at front, now it’s me but we’re all connected with Pep and Juanma all the time.

“We make decisions together, the guy is Pep and now it has to be me at the front but it’s the work of many people.”

“We are getting tested every day. The last time was this morning (Thursday) – we had a lateral flow test and a PCR test,” the Spaniard added.

“Obviously, the lateral flow stayed negative but the PCR test, we need to wait between 12 and 24 hours and until tomorrow or until midnight tonight (for the result). Sometimes they come back late at night, sometimes early morning.

“We will take it as it comes.

“At this moment we have a squad and we want to play the game and to keep playing as many as possible until, if unfortunately we can’t fill the team, we will have to think about postponement.

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