Pep Guardiola Cautious Over Giving Mendy Heavy Praise

Benjamin Mendy has finally earned some praise from his manager, Pep Guardiola.

The Frenchman scored his first goal for Manchester City in the 5-0 win over Burnley.

It was a surprise start for Mendy, seeing how Joao Cancelo has excelled in the left full-back position this season. Guardiola and Mendy were never really in the best of terms but the relationship seems to have improved in recent times.

Guardiola said, “Benjamin Mendy is so important to us. He is in shape. But scoring a goal is the last thing I expect from him. First I want to see him defend well and be in good shape, focused. That’s what we all want for him.

“In his last matches, he has been very good. But we must wait. With Benjamin, you always have to wait. It all depends on him, like John Stones. Everything depends on him, not on the manager, but on the way he trains thoroughly day after day. He must be focused and if on top of that he scores a goal, that’s good.

“But that’s the last thing I ask him.”

Mendy will need to work his way back into Guardiola’s good graces. Otherwise, he can expect to continue playing as a rotational option as opposed to being a starter like he was in his early City days.

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