Pep Guardiola defends squad after controversial nightout

Pep Guardiola has defended the behaviour of some of his players.

The trio of Jack Grealish, Riyad Mahrez and Kyle Walker was seen on a night out in Manchester over the weekend and manager Guardiola believes their behaviour was perfect.

Pep was upset with the fact that the players didn’t invite him.

A video surfacing the internet shows that Grealish was denied entry to a bar for being too drunk.


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“I’m so upset because they didn’t invite me and I don’t like it,” Pep joked in his press conference.

“Next time, hopefully, they can invite me.

“The video didn’t show exactly what happened. Dinner together, sober, enjoying with their mates and some of the backroom staff.

“The players know they take risks by going out because today there is social media but all of them were perfect.

“But they will be fined because they didn’t invite me.”


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