Pep Guardiola explains why he's at fault for Southampton draw

Manchester City failed to secure a win against Southampton at home.

The Premier League champions were held in a goalless draw in front of a resentful crowd at the Etihad.

After City’s recent 6-3 win over RB Leipzig, Guardiola has asked that he would like more fans to visit the weekend’s game against Southampton than the 38,062 who attended in the Leipzig game.

This caused quite a stir among the fans who felt their loyalty has been questioned.

Guardiola said that it was never his intention to upset the fans and clarified it after the Saints game.

He said: “Always when the game is not good I feel bad for them. They come to see a show, to see a game and when it doesn’t happen I feel a bit guilty because we didn’t play good.”

“I didn’t say anything wrong after Leipzig. I said we had an incredibly tough game, had an incredibly tough game against Southampton and we would need the support of our fans.

“I never complained about how many come or don’t come. I have never thought this in my life. I don’t know why people are asking me this question. I am grateful even if 85 or 100 people come.”


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