Pep Guardiola gives his top pick future manager at City

Guardiola names the potential future managers at City.

Man City has one of the best squads in Europe and it’s tough for Guardiola to choose a specific player who could make the leap from player to manager.

He believes that midfielders would have the easiest transition and picks Gundogan as his top pick.

He further explains the logic of naming a midfielder for the managerial role.

Guardiola said: “Midfield players, I think (Ilkay) Gundogan would be (most likely).

“There are many players I say would not become managers after they go home but they get bored at home, with nothing to do and after, they become managers.

“I think midfield players, they have a chance to become managers and I think players that see the game of football as a whole and aren’t just thinking of me, me and me.

“When these guys start to understand the game as a whole, they can take on the challenge of becoming a manager.”


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