Pep Guardiola hails John Stones

Pep Guardiola has praised John Stones.

“I’m happy for John as he’s very professional,” he said. “We arrived together here, he [has been] injured and had personal issues but is now settled again and with his performance he’ll have the chance to show his quality in this team.”

Pep also stressed about how any player can make his team.

“The guys who play good are going to continue to play,” he said. “If they don’t make mistakes that cost a lot, they’ll have more chances, just like the guys up front: if they score they’ll have more chances. I judge the players on what they do in the present. It doesn’t matter about the past; you have to win your position every three days.

“There’ll be some players who will not be rotated but if they [the others] are playing good they have more chances to stay on the pitch. It depends on them – Rúben is playing every game as he doesn’t make mistakes, he leads the line, and does everything nearly perfect.”

Take not, John. The English defender was one of the most promising players in the country a few years back but has fallen away.

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