Pep Guardiola has inspired Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson's style of play

Alisson explains how Pep Guardiola inspired him as a teenager.

The Brazilian shot stopper is considered as one of the best sweeper-keeper of this generation who is currently tied with Ederson on 16 top-flight clean sheets this season.

Alisson in a latest interview reveals that he improved a lot on his ball-playing style in his youth and credits Man City manager Guardiola for his influence.

He is currently the second goalkeeper in the Premier League with a passing accuracy of 85.3% with Ederson slightly higher at 88.7%.

“I have the skills that are needed but I worked a lot on it when I was playing for my youth team,” Alisson said.

“I had a manager once who loved the Guardiola team from Barcelona which used the goalkeeper a lot, so he tried to do that with his team in the U20s and it helped me a lot.

“Then I went to Rome and improved a little bit, but here at Liverpool is the place that I feel most comfortable.

“Because the players really want me to be an extra player on the pitch.”


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