Pep Guardiola launches an attack on players and fans

Pep Guardiola not impressed with players and fans in general.

Man City came from two goals down to beat Tottenham Hotspur 4-2 at the Etihad Stadium.

They are currently second in the Premier League standings five points behind league leaders Arsenal.

Manager Pep Guardiola further highlighted the difference in quality between his team and Arsenal.

“I cannot deny how happy we are, but we are far away from the team that we were,” Guardiola told Sky Sports. “Not in terms of play, we played good enough but there are many things like competitiveness, in terms of what we have to do in many things that we are far away.

He also questioned the atmosphere among the fans as they were seen booing at halftime.

“It’s the same with our fans, they are silent for 45 minutes. They booed because we were losing, not because we played badly. We played good, we had more chances, expected goals from Tottenham is 0.89 so we were better.

“I want my fans back, I want my fans here. Not my away fans, they are the best, but my fans here [at the Etihad]. The support for every corner and every action and support it. We have to do it, but everyone is relaxed.

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