Pep Guardiola to replace Gareth Southgate as England head coach after Euro 2024!

Guardiola’s comments hint at uncertain future despite City’s success

Pep Guardiola hinted at giving up Manchester City after leading the team to a fourth consecutive Premier League success.

Guardiola recognized to being fatigued during a press conference after another strict campaign that saw City win their sixth title in seven years.

With his fatigue, Guardiola told fans that he is still committed to next weekend’s FA Cup final against Manchester United and believes he can ignite his passion for another Premier League season. His claims, however, raise questions about his long-term future at the Etihad.

“The reality is I am closer to leaving than staying,” the Spaniard told Sky News, before clarifying that there would be no immediate departure from the club he has managed since 2016.

“We have talked with the club — my feeling is that I want to stay now. I will stay next season and during the season we will talk. But eight or nine years — we will see.”

Guardiola downplayed his current success, reminding out that other managers, such as Sir Alex Ferguson, have accomplished more in the past.

He praised the fierce competition from Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta and Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp, acknowledging their relentless pursuit throughout the season.

“We competed incredibly well again, and by a narrow margin, we won it,” Guardiola said, heaping praise on his players.

“If you had told me seven years ago that we would win six Premier League titles, I would have thought you were crazy.”

Guardiola’s candid reflection on his tenure adds a layer of intrigue to what has been a remarkable era for Manchester City.

Fans will be eager to see whether he can summon the energy for another chapter or if his journey with City is nearing its end.

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