Pep Guardiola talks about taking the next step with Raheem Sterling

Pep Guardiola has talked about the development of Raheem Sterling as a player.

The Spaniard has overseen the growth of Raheem from a talented winger into a smart finisher as well under his tutelage in the last four years.

“I think he’s a better player than when I arrived and hopefully in four years’ time, he will be better than he is right now,” said Guardiola,

“I think he’s an exceptional player. There will be a moment when he will take a rest, but at the moment he’s such an important player for us.

“I’ve seen his mentality and desire and he’s improved a lot since we arrived, but I wish in three, four of five years he will be a much, much better player than he is today.”

Asked if Sterling can better, Guardiola expressed a lot of confidence.

“My advice to him would be don’t think about this, there’s no sense [in that].

“Just enjoy life, focus and the destiny will dictate who he is as a player, but he’s one of the [most] fantastic players I’ve ever had in my career as a manager.

“It all depends on him of course, and his performance.”

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