Pep Guardiola tells squad to forget about Real Madrid history

Man City welcomes Real Madrid at the Etihad on Tuesday night.

Pep Guardiola’s men will face the 13-time European champions Real Madrid at the Etihad for the first-leg clash of the semi-final.

Guardiola is aware of Real Madrid’s accomplishments in the Champions League but believes they can match the confidence of their opponents.

“If we have to compete with history we don’t have any chance – they are better,” said Guardiola at his pre-match press conference.

“They’ve been in it many times, this competition. Before the last decade we were not, we were never here.

“The history is there, we cannot change it, but tomorrow we play 11 v 11, one ball is on the pitch and the players will decide if the decision-making is good or not.

“We are playing against players who have been in this position many, many times and beyond, reaching finals and winning.

“That’s why they have these kind of things and maybe still we don’t have it, but there are other issues and maybe we will have that and they don’t.

“In the end it’s the players’ quality, and how strong they are mentally, that will make the difference.”


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