Pep Guardiola wants to win quartet of silverware

Pep Guardiola has said that all four competitions are important to him for winning.

“This is not going to happen with me,” he said when asked if he would consider prioritising one competition above another at his pre-match press conference.

“I know the Premier League is the most important one and the Champions League is the second most important one, but four finals in a row in the Carabao Cup is because every game is important.

“So, no chance [of prioritising]. Even if we arrive at the game without players, we are going to play the second team, but we don’t drop any competition.

“When we lose it is because the opponent is better or we made a bad performance, but not because I don’t care for this competition.”

“Cheltenham deserve my respect,” added Pep.

“I am more curious than other games because I don’t know them. I have had to pay more attention to what they are like as a team.

“Now I am going to play the team against Cheltenham and today we watched them, all the team, we are training exactly what we want to do to try and beat them.”

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