Richard Dunne praises bird's eye-view KDB

There are no shortage of praisers for Man City’s Kevin De Bruyne.

The latest man to join the bandwagon is Richard Dunne.

“It’s like he has bird’s-eye vision stuck in his head!” Dunne smiled on our We’re Not Really Here matchday show.

“If the Birmingham players switch off for one second, he will pick them off.

“The pass to Foden is incredible. It’s just a joy to watch.

“He’s still the most important player on the pitch.

“There’s no stepping back for him and he just improves all the time, and he showed it against United why many fans feel he is the best player in the world.”

Morrison also praised KDB.

“He’s got a vision and he puts a ball in the area where he makes sure to miss the defender.

“It’s perfection and a pleasure to watch. For me, he is the outstanding player in world football.

“Week in, week out, he keeps producing the same standard. We’re fortunate to be able to witness this.”

“He has so much energy and he brings so much intensity to the team,” said Dunne, of Silva.

“He’s so important to the press and is also so skilful with the ball.

“It was an outstanding finish [for the first goal]. The ball was on the way up, which made it harder to finish, but he blasted it into the top corner and got his leg up really high to connect.”

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